Dream’n Wild

Dream’n Wild
ALASKA PROJECTS, July – August, 2018
Level 2, Kings Cross Car Park
9A Elizabeth Bay Rd, Sydney

Minda Andrén , Battle-ax and Daphne Ahlers, Andy Boot, Bonita Bub, Consuelo Cavaniglia, Suzy Faiz, Marita Fraser, Jennifer Katarina Gelardo, Manuel Gorkiewicz, Sonia Leimer, Angelika Loderer, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Jonny Niesche, Nick Oberthaler, Flavio Palasciano, Lucia Elena Průša, Alexander Jackson Wyatt, Franz West, Heimo Zobernig



Dear Billy,

Finally got to visit the archives today, which are in the back-house of an apartment block on Gumpendorferstrasse. C was with me so it was difficult to do much more than assess the space. On entry we walked towards an internal courtyard leading to the back of the building. The courtyard, being devoid of any greenery, contained clearly labelled mistkubel for various types of rubbish. The charming bleakness of the scene reminded me of the endless possibilities this place had for us.
The store-room contained an authoritarian stillness, but there were no historical thunderbolts as the archival boxes from the 1900’s were pointed out to me. I wondered if field recordings from the street, entry hall, courtyard and back-house might capture better what was going on here. S who had brought me to the space had to head off and C was getting twitchy so it was a good time to leave. This continuation of not knowing more than I did before feels rather satisfying for now.
C and I went on to Café Sperl, the smell of yesterday’s cigarette smoke rising up to greet me like an old friend. They now have a separate smoking room and we sat in the bigger of the spaces, being non-smoking. I imagined that MM would have come here at least once. I should probably check when Sperl was built but it feels right at this point. I wonder if she smoked. You and I spent hours sitting here with a melange and glass of water on tiny metal trays, doing nothing in particular. Now, in following a corpse around a city, I feel I am haunting this space and others, not really here and time poor, acutely aware of the time approaching for my next appointment,

more soon
x M